Using pillars and principles of biblical wisdom, MARCUS 2229 will offer you the tools for attaining spiritual growth, personal excellence and leadership skills.

Like a well-nourished tree flourishing in a beautiful garden, your inner transformation will lead to:

Spiritual Growth - Character Development Lecture

Hi! I'm

J. Tyrone Marcus

Author, speaker, and lecturer in law. I’m a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and have recently been streamlining my writings in the area of Christian inspiration with an emphasis on cultivating an awesome inner life.

My previous two books were traditionally published and were based on my sports law practice, with the first one being co-authored by my Caribbean colleague, Dr. Jason Haynes.

However, in my independent authorship, my content is centered on personal excellence, leadership, and spiritual growth. My authorship combines practical biblical wisdom, psychology and ethics and I am drawn to the works of modern-day and past thought leaders in personal growth, spirituality, spiritual formation and sports leadership. 

Unbeatable! Spiritual Growth


Unbeatable! Seven Pillars of Personal Excellence

Unbeatable will help you construct your inner person into an incredible building held upright by seven pillars:
• The Humility Pillar
• The Integrity Pillar
• The Nobility Pillar
• The Purity Pillar
• The Productivity Pillar
• The Community Pillar
• The Magnanimity Pillar

If you erect these pillars on the foundation of wisdom, you will place yourself on the exciting but demanding path to personal excellence.

What do people say?

Excellence is something we all aspire to, yet so few can even articulate what it looks like or detail what it takes. Excellence in any aspect of your life demands striving for excellence in every aspect of your life. Tyrone, a colleague, friend, and inspiration epitomizes that effort. I'm looking forward to sharing in his road map.
Shaka Hislop - Marcus 2229
Shaka Hislop
ESPN Football Analyst
“I've known Tyrone for over 20 years and our friendship has truly blossomed. His ability to successfully manage family, leadership, teaching and his career in sports law has been nothing short of inspiring. His personal discipline is next level. To know him is to be called higher. I am excited that he has launched this website.”
Rizon - Marcus 2229
Gospel Music Minister / Counselling Psychologist