“2020: All About ME”

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“Okay Tyrone. This must be a mistake. You couldn’t seriously have just started a new year and all you could think about is yourself.” As Caribbean disk jockeys would say: “Wheel and come again, Tyrone!”

No guys. I’m doing fine. This phrase “All About ME” is only an abbreviation. Here’s what the “ME” means…(drumroll please). It stands for Minimalistic Essentialism. Yes, what a mouthful!

Let me break it down for you. I decided that in 2020 I needed to really focus on the few things, or even better, on the ONE THING that really matter(s). That’s the Essentialism part. I also committed to simplifying my life and reducing the number of possessions I owned so that I can focus with greater clarity. Too much “stuff” gets very distracting. That’s the Minimalism part. So this year I am focusing on ONE THING-becoming a Minimalistic Essentialist.

For me, this translates into a simple motto for the year: Value what God values. This may mean more community service, more benevolence, more teaching, broader leadership, or maybe it’s growing in my spiritual disciplines. In other words, I want to make God’s priority my priority, wherever that leads in my personal and professional life.

I hope you’ve made some great decisions and set some inspiring goals for 2020. Let us journey together for a year of impact.

P.S. Next week’s blog will have a new look! I hope you’ll like it.

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  1. Allan Augustus Cunningham

    Thank you for the explanation, I can focus on me normally. My food, my time, etc. But this ME is a challenge.

    I am in. ME in speech, writing, and communication, in general, is a start for me.

    I think I shall make: My Food is to serve God.

  2. J. Tyrone Marcus

    It’s great to have clarity at the beginning of the year Allan. Best wishes as you refine your focus and pursue a year of significance and impact.

  3. Donan’

    How does ME (too much to even spell) fit into claiming all the blessings promised to us?
    Becoming the head and not the tail and accepting more than we ask or think off may suggest more than ME.
    Also more than literally “me” !

  4. Michelle Marcus

    Thank you Tyrone. Focussing on One Thing is a challenge as I am use to multitasking which is considered an asset in today’s society. The person who can do more gets more credit but I am retraining my thinking in becoming a minimalist myself.

  5. J. Tyrone Marcus

    Thanks for those thoughts Donan. If the blessings flow, then we should accept them with grace and gratitude. The key is not to get too attached to anything material. When we die, we take nothing with us, so I’m trying to have a healthy perspective regarding my possessions.

  6. J. Tyrone Marcus

    Thanks Michelle. I think the minimalist lifestyle is catching on as people around the world are being reminded day by day that life’s real value is found in our relationships not in our assets.

  7. Elizabeth George Marcus

    I bless the lord for your decision “to value the things that God value”. By doing this you / we would have a better life both spiritually and carnally. You see when you values what God value life becomes easier to live. Matthew 6 verse 34 says therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about it own thing. Sufficient in today is the trouble of its own. Based on your acronym for ME I consider myself to be a minimalist , taking into consideration the scripture taken from psalms 62.10 ” if thy riches increase set not thy heart upon them” In fact the scriptures encourages us to bless others when we become blessed. Love always…….

  8. J. Tyrone Marcus

    Thanks for your meaningful and thought-provoking feedback Liz. The start of the year is a great time to reset the buttons and remind ourselves of what is truly important in life. Have a great 2020!

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