A Tale of Love and Hate

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A Tale of Love and Hate - Marcus 2229

Welcome to Three-Peat Tuesday!

Building from my recent book UNBEATABLE! Seven Pillars of Personal Excellence, each blog will contain three P’s: Pillar, Principle and Practical, all geared towards nourishing you on your personal and spiritual growth journey.


“Better a small serving of vegetables with love than a fattened calf with hatred”-Proverbs 15:17


Small house, few meals, but overflowing with joy. Big house, full plates, but littered with tension and strife. Opulence or simplicity. Love or hate. Take your pick.

Both scenarios represent communities. The first setting envisions a family that does not have too much to show, materially. Their lifestyle is modest, luxuries are rare, but the members love each other deeply.  The domestic atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

The second household has all that they need and want. No gift is too expensive, no vacation is too costly, no meal is off limits. Yet, these guys don’t get along with each other. They’re under the same roof, but they live in isolation, irritated by each other’s very presence.

Sometimes, we mistakenly believe that fulfilment in life is centred on financial stability. This has its place. However, with every passing day we begin to recognize that it is the intangible things that make all the difference. When we are surrounded by love and acceptance, laughter and grace, peace and goodwill, everyone comes alive!

This is how we build true community. It is then we acknowledge how a bowl of cucumbers, carrots and lettuce sprinkled with olive oil, could be so much more satisfying than a plate of baked chicken, grilled salmon and macaroni salad. The real succulence is found among the people surrounding the table, rather than in the delicacies on it.


Finish work earlier than usual for one day this week, in order to build greater harmony in your home, office or spiritual community. Be intentional about it, otherwise it will not happen.

If you’re inspired by this blog, please share it with one other person today. To learn more about these pillars of personal excellence, read UNBEATABLE! which is now available on Amazon in print and as an e-book.

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  1. Allan Cunningham

    Thank you for this meal, it is a full belly and with an appetising dessert to act on. It is well written as usual and greatly appreciated.

  2. J. Tyrone Marcus

    Thank you Allan. Let’s all pursue the right kind of feasting this coming week!

  3. Larry

    Thanks for this Tyrone. We more often than not seek our happiness out in the world. This reminds us of the value of simplicity even though it may be earth bound.

    1. J. Tyrone Marcus

      This is so true Larry. I love the phrase that you used, namely, the value of simplicity. This may be one of life’s best kept secrets.

  4. Ronke Cunningham

    This is very convicting, Tyrone. Too ashamed to share all the details. Moving into a bigger space as a family has exposed stuff in my heart; much of what you may have described here. I appreciate the proverb shared. I’ll take it as my memory scripture for this week, and make the effort to apply the practical suggested also.

  5. J. Tyrone Marcus

    That’s a great plan Ronke. I really like the idea of memorizing Scripture as a way to nurture our hearts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nicole Roopchand

    Will definitely do that practical! Thanks Tyrone

  7. J. Tyrone Marcus

    Sure thing Nicole!

  8. L. Hope Kerr

    Love this Tyrone. Thanks much for pointing us to learning great lessons from reading scriptures. Particularly appreciated your summation (last sentence) under Principle.

  9. J. Tyrone Marcus

    Thank you Hope. I continue to be amazed as to how relevant biblical wisdom is so many years after the original documents were written.

  10. Nicole Laurence

    Thanks Tyrone! Loved that scripture. It is so true that we run after MORE but we don’t stop to think about the negatives that come with it. Financial stability has its place, as you rightly said, but we have to be careful not to let the pursuance of that be the main focus at the expense of our spiritual stability and keeping the family as a unit filled with love. We also tend to be more grateful for what we do have when we don’t have that much. Having said all that, I am still not there yet. God continues to work on me in that area, though.

    1. J. Tyrone Marcus

      Thank you for taking the time to share this Nicole. As we all pursue spiritual and personal growth together, we start seeing the beauty of simplicity and contentment.

  11. Donna

    Yes Tyrone, we have to be intentional about building greater harmony in all the communities we are a part of. Blessings!

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