An Amazing Coincidence

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An Amazing Coincedence

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Amazing Joy

“A wise son brings joy to his father”-Proverbs 10:1a

Amazing Dates

As we celebrated my father’s sendoff earlier this week, I reflected on what can only be described as an amazing coincidence.  My dad passed away on June 26, 2023. In the ordinary scheme of things, that date would be etched into our family’s lives as a day of sadness. By grace, it doesn’t have to be.

June 26 also happens to be my parents’ anniversary. They were married on June 26, 1965. At the time of my mother’s death in 2012, they had been married for 47 years. Now what are the odds of that happening? For the three of us who were born to Stanley and Ruth Marcus, June 26 has special significance. This has now been strengthened.

It does not end there. My son, J.T., was born on June 26, eleven years ago! Amazing, eh? When scenarios like this occur, even those who struggle with the concept of spirituality and divine sovereignty stop and take notice. There’s a Higher Power and a Source of Love that surpasses human existence. For theists, like me, this is the gift of God.

God’s kindness to me was to call my physical father from this earthly life on June 26th, the day he married my mother and the day my son was born. Father, son and grandson and forever tethered. There can be joy in June every year.

Another source of joy would be a life of wisdom. This is the encouragement of Proverbs 10:1 above. Although dad is no longer here, I can honour his life and legacy by choosing the path of wisdom. If I live with humility and grace, I can inspire J.T. to do the same as he grows up. The effect would be an unending chain of happiness and goodwill from one generation to the next. To me, this is the definition of success.

Amazing Grace

By divine grace, three generations are indelibly connected.

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  1. Nanieno

    Thanks Tyrone for sharing such a heartfelt blog in honor of your dad. May your goals of continuing this legacy live on through you and JT and inspire generations to come. I agree that God’s kindness is all over these dates and has created an opportunity for celebration even at a time of potential sorrow. May your family continue to be blessed and comforted at this time.

  2. Michelle Marcus

    This is great Tyrone. A memoir worth reflecting on. God new best when he chose June 26 to be etched in our memories forever.

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