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“2020: All About ME”

“Okay Tyrone. This must be a mistake. You couldn’t seriously have just started a new year and all you could think about is yourself.” As Caribbean disk jockeys would say: “Wheel and come again, Tyrone!”

Gratitude & Goals - J. Tyrone Marcus
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Gratitude and Goals

My task this week is a simple, yet profound one. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for your support of the weekly blogs on this my new website, but I especially want to thank so many of you who have already bought my new book Unbeatable! Seven Pillars of Personal Excellence.

The Discipline of Perseverance - Marcus 2229
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The Discipline of Perseverance

I’ve never been so close to the wheels of an airplane before! This is how I felt as I made my way from St. Maarten to Anguilla recently, on my way to a sports conference.

Integrity - Marcus 2229

Integrity Brings Security

Today’s blog is adapted from Chapter 2 of my upcoming book Unbeatable! which is scheduled to be released within the next few weeks! It’s about personal integrity.

Wisdom - Marcus 2229
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“Where Wisdom Begins”

Consider one of the boldest statements I’ve ever heard: “God is still the most important, most valuable, most satisfying, most all-encompassing and, therefore, most relevant reality in the world.”

Pay Attention - Marcus 2229
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“Pay attention!”

These are two words to wake anyone out of their slumber. Parents, teachers, coaches and bosses demand it.

Feedback | Marcus 2229
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“Feedback-Friend or Foe?”

Depending on my emotional state, my attitude and my level of humility, I could welcome such a statement with gratitude or reject it with disdain.

My Five Priorities - Marcus 2229
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My Five Priorities

“My priorities between now and the end of the year will be to…”

Complaccency Kills - Marcus 2229
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Complacency Kills

Are you complacent? Have you settled into a pattern of destructive habits telling yourself, “it’s not so bad, there are others worse off than me”?