Fools, Wisdom and options

Fools, Wisdom and Opinions

Fools, Wisdom and Opinions: Health opinions. Political opinions. Financial opinions. Religious opinions. Football opinions.

A Tale of Love and Hate - Marcus 2229

A Tale of Love and Hate

Small house, few meals, but overflowing with joy. Big house, full plates, but littered with tension and strife.

Integrity plus Skill equals Success - Marcus 2229

Integrity plus Skill equals Success

Hands and heart; heart and hands. It really does not matter in which order these words are placed, they are two powerful leadership ingredients

The Lion and The Dog

The Lion and The Dog

Who is the king of the jungle? Sorry. It’s not your favourite Poodle, Pompek or Pekingese.

My Friend, My Brother

My Friend, My Brother

Challenged. Stressed. Frustrated. Impatient. Irritable. Fatigued. I’ve felt all of these things during the coronavirus lockdown.

So Much Quarreling - Marcus 2229

So Much Quarreling

Have you noticed how many fights are happening all over the globe? There’s tension everywhere. Citizens are protesting.

Wounds that clense - Marcus2229

Wounds That Cleanse

What is it about pain that is so inevitable yet so crucial to character growth? Pain stings. It produces tears.

Freedom to Choose - Marcus 2229

Freedom to Choose

Life is about choices. We cannot escape it. The month of August is a significant one for various Caribbean territories

User Friendly - Marcus 2229

User Friendly

I love the observation made by spiritual writer Reggie Mc Neal in his book Practicing Greatness, where he noted that when people strike up a conversation

The Silent Killer - Marcus 2229

The Silent Killer

One of the most challenging and perhaps frustrating aspects of the coronavirus has been the inability of medical professionals to contain its spread.