Integrity plus Skill equals Success - Marcus 2229

Integrity plus Skill equals Success

Hands and heart; heart and hands. It really does not matter in which order these words are placed, they are two powerful leadership ingredients

Wounds that clense - Marcus2229

Wounds That Cleanse

What is it about pain that is so inevitable yet so crucial to character growth? Pain stings. It produces tears.

User Friendly - Marcus 2229

User Friendly

I love the observation made by spiritual writer Reggie Mc Neal in his book Practicing Greatness, where he noted that when people strike up a conversation

Driven by hunger - Marcus 2229

Driven By Hunger

Hunger is powerful. It can cause a person to reach incredible heights, depending on the extent of their hunger

The Irony of Hardship - Marcus 2229

The Irony of Hardship

“Cancel the whole of 2020.” Megastar Lebron James uttered words to this effect just after COVID-19 forced the suspension of the NBA season

Palm Branch - Rest In Peace - Marcus 2229

Rest In Peace

It’s almost unthinkable that Justin is not with us after his tragic death last year. June 1, 2020 would have been his 41st birthday and, boy, is he missed.

Cherish Her - Marcus 2229

“Cherish Her”

How do we learn about greatness? We can read books about the subject. Perhaps we may decide to look at movies with persons who we consider to be courageous and skillful.

Integrity - Marcus 2229

Integrity Brings Security

Today’s blog is adapted from Chapter 2 of my upcoming book Unbeatable! which is scheduled to be released within the next few weeks! It’s about personal integrity.