Character Development

Character Development - J.Tyrone Marcus

Unbeatable! Seven Pillars of Personal Excellence

Unbeatable will help you construct your inner person into an incredible building held upright by seven pillars:
• The Humility Pillar
• The Integrity Pillar
• The Nobility Pillar
• The Purity Pillar
• The Productivity Pillar
• The Community Pillar
• The Magnanimity Pillar

If you erect these pillars on the foundation of wisdom, you will place yourself on the exciting but demanding path to personal excellence.

Academic Writing - Jason Haynes and J. Tyrone Marcus

Commonwealth Caribbean Sports Law

Commonwealth Caribbean Sports Law, co-authored by Dr. Jason Haynes, recounts the evolution and development of sports law from a distinctly Caribbean perspective

Academic Writing - J. Tyrone marcus

Sports Law in Trinidad and Tobago

Sports Law in Trinidad and Tobago is a specialised monograph detailing the various ways that the law has impacted on the sports industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

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