Doing good for no one else to see

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Doing good for no one else to see - positive black kids

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Seen by Men

“Beware of practising your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.”-Matthew 6: 1

Praised by Men

Christian Atsu may not be a household name around the globe. However, in Ghana, he is a true hero. Atsu died in Turkey during February’s devastating earthquake. He was a national footballer from the Ghanian team and, in recent years, played in Turkey with a club called Hatayspor. At different points, there was speculation that he somehow survived the tragedy but sadly he did not make it.

Yet, his impact off the field of play may have been greater than on it. The BBC recently reported about the amazing impact Atsu had supporting the Becky’s Foundation orphanage in Ghana which he hoped to convert into a school in the future. Had it not been for that article, I honestly would have never known about his beneficence and generosity. Therein lies the beauty of the story.

At first glance, it seems that only persons within those circles knew of his kindness. It did not appear to be regular headline news. He served, supported, gave his money and went about his business. It is now, after his death, that some of us are hearing of what he did behind the scenes. I am inspired.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave the challenge to avoid doing righteous acts so that others may see. This is hard! The adulation of men is so addictive that it is often difficult to keep our motives pure. What about impressing others? Can I not get my name in the news every so often? Well, based on Matthew 6 above, if we do that our thinking is ephemeral and our perspective, worldly.

Noble acts should not be done to get human praise. They should be done simply because they are the right thing to do. The motivation is love. The reward is eternal.

Rewarded by God

If God alone sees when you do good, nothing else really matters.

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  1. Colin Lecesne

    Similar to the drug called Ecstasy, perhaps Praise, Kudos and Adulation could serve as comparative labels, with their appeal to our desperation for that “fix”.

  2. Michelle Marcus

    Thank you Tyrone. My wanting to be known stems from my insecurity of wantingbto be liked and known as a good person.

  3. J. Tyrone Marcus

    You are not alone in that struggle, Michelle. Thanks for your openness.

  4. Nanieno

    Very convicting Tyrone. Keeping my heart pure as I practice being benevolent is hard sometimes as the world’s notice can be gripping. Jesus clearly knows why this is a need for us as humans…

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