How Love Fuels Success

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How Love Fuels Success

Welcome to “Athlos” a weekly Wednesday blog which examines pillars of personal excellence and regularly brings together the worlds of spirituality and sport.

Love Always Hopes

“It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails”-1 Corinthians 13:7-8

Love Always Perseveres

When men openly and fearlessly talk about love, it is a breath of fresh air. Consider the following excerpts quoted by the well-known cricket website, espncricinfo:

“just so proud of this group”

“we actually love each other. It is beautiful”

“there’re so many close relationships there”

“puts a smile on my face every time”

These were all uttered by different members of the playing and coaching staff of the Australian men’s cricket team that recently won their first ever T20 Cricket World Cup. The team was talented, committed and hard-working. Many groups in and out of sport are. Yet, this group of men seemed to be fueled by love-a sincere, genuine love.

Love truly is a glue. When practised the right way, it is simply beautiful to watch. It is no surprise, therefore, when the apostle Paul quoted above says that love never fails. Success is guaranteed when we love. It involves trust, hope and perseverance, among other things, and you can count on it to bear fruit.

I end today’s blog expressing sincere gratitude to many friends and family members around the world who have offered prayers and support during the recent illness of a close family member. My family has felt the love from multiple sources. The sickness has not gone but our ability to navigate through this period has been made easier because of the outpouring of love. It truly never fails.

Love Never Fails

The results may not be immediate, but never, ever second-guess the power of love.    

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  1. Hope Kerr

    Love this reminder Tyrone. So simple to consider that success springs from *Love*. Sometimes we complicate life, looking for solutions that can be staring us in the face, when we are too distracted by everything else going on around us.

  2. Michelle Marcus

    True. Love is truly a glue that keeps relationships in place.

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