Joshua, Jason and Joy

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Welcome to “Athlos” a weekly Wednesday blog which examines pillars of personal excellence and regularly brings together the worlds of spirituality and sport.

Joshua’s Courage

“Be strong and courageous”-Joshua 1:6

Jason’s Humility

I have no idea whether his parents named him after the Old Testament leader, but West Indies wicketkeeper, Joshua da Silva recently displayed a level of courage that would make his biblical namesake proud. Add to this, the consummate humility of former captain Jason Holder and you have a powerful combination of charisma and character.

Less than a week ago, cricket fans would have witnessed an admirable show of concentration, determination and grit as da Silva rallied with tailenders to push the West Indies to what turned out to be a match-defining score. His unbeaten century brought tears to his eyes and joy to many hearts.

In the background to da Silva’s heroics and the amazing bowling exploits of his teammate Kyle Mayers was Jason Holder, taking catches, contributing with the ball, but perhaps most importantly, selflessly spurring his colleagues on. In Holder, it is difficult to identify any trace of resentment, malice or jealousy at no longer being the captain. The team comes first. The ego is absent. The outcome is harmony.

Look around at the various environments in which you operate and notice the egoless leaders who are motivated by the common good. Imitate their humility. Also keep an eye out for the courageous men and women who step up to the plate when there is a need. Appreciate them. So many times, life’s best exemplars are hidden somewhere in the background. Find them.

Joy to the People

Courage inspires joy. Humility precedes honour. Together they change lives.

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  1. Alexei Mc Kell

    His innings was truly inspiring and uplifting to watch! The temperament, humility and patience that Kraigg Brathwaite shows while batting is also rubbing off on his young charges!

  2. J.Tyrone Marcus

    Correct Alexei. So often, it is the intangible qualities like humility, courage and good temperament that are at the heart of true success.

  3. Michelle Marcus

    He clearly understood that the team mattered. If one looks bad, the entire team failed at what they are all about. I work in an environment where it is easy to point a figure or “throw you under the bus” so that whoever is doing the throwing comes out squeaky clean. I am grateful for the maturity and mindset displayed here.

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