Laurence, the Law and the Lord

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man cycling - Laurence, the Law and the Lord

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Trusting the Law of the Lord

“Those who fear you shall see me and rejoice, because I have hoped in your word”-Psalm 119: 74

Trusting the Law of the Land

The law can be complex, whether or not you are trained in the legal profession. Yet, so many of us will admit that if the situation is right, it will become our best friend. Not only do we rely on the law of the land, many of us also turn to divine law.

For Christ-followers like me, spiritual direction and counsel come from the library of individual books, letters, poems, songs and narratives collectively known as the Holy Bible. The psalmist quoted above proclaimed that he put his hope in God’s Word, the holy law.

It reminds me of a young Trinidadian cyclist, 17-year-old Devante Laurence, whose own faith as an apprentice of Jesus was tested as he battled through many obstacles to earn selection to his national cycling team. By God’s grace, he will be competing for his country in about three weeks’ time in Israel at a global competition.

Devante, with much support from family and friends, needed both types of law. He trusted the promises of God’s law, while also relying on the skills of men and women who knew the law of his native land. His journey of hope, perseverance and endurance tell an inspiring story.

It is quite a twist of fate that the culmination of this stage of his life as a student-athlete would be in Israel, a country whose own religious history is strong and rich. Thank you, Devante, for choosing humility, resolve and faith at the height of your struggles. You have reminded us that there is much to celebrate about the next generation.

Trusting the Lavish Love of God

Often when things seem to be heading in a discouraging direction, God graciously intervenes at just the right time. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open to His love.

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  1. Kwame Laurence

    Thank you Tyrone. This moved me to tears. It forced me to reflect on God’s powerful hand and just how significant it was for an “apprentice of Jesus” to engage in this good fight. What a faithful man of God Devante is turning out to be. I am so proud of him and his maturity in the face of adversity. Thanks for this Tyrone.

  2. J.Tyrone Marcus

    Devante’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring, Kwame. It’s important to celebrate beautiful hearts like his.

  3. Michelle Marcus

    Yes. The need to be watchful and to not take God. Thank you

  4. Michelle Marcus

    Yes. It is truly inspiring to see the blessing of Gof through this young man Devante and how much he has grown up before our very eyes. I pray God grant him success on this cyclying journey and this trip will be a start for what is to come.

  5. J.Tyrone Marcus

    I agree Michelle. There is much to learn from Devante’s journey.

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