Novak, No Vaccine, No Tennis

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Welcome to “Athlos” a weekly Wednesday blog which examines pillars of personal excellence and regularly brings together the worlds of spirituality and sport.

No Easy Decisions

“Wisdom resides in the heart of the discerning”-Proverbs 14:33a

No Exceptions

Many persons in and outside the world of sport have paid attention to recent developments with the number one ranked men’s tennis player, Novak Djokovic. He is a national hero in his native Serbia and has their unwavering support amid his visa controversy as he arrived for the Australian Open.

Some say it’s politics. Others call it respecting the rules. The visa recission and ensuing legal battle have caused tension between Serbia and Australia on many levels. Predictably, the question as to whether or not one should vaccinate remains divisive and the “Novax” saga, as it has become known, is no different.

From where I sit, the vaccination debate is predicated, to a large degree, on being wise. People are looking for wisdom and insight because the stakes are high. It literally is a matter of life and death and so there is understandable caution and skepticism.

The Australian Government considers it wise to have strict pandemic rules, whether you are a local or a foreigner. Nobody is exempted from their rules, including the world’s megastars. Yet, Djokovic and other sporting celebrities, like basketballer Kyrie Irving, hold personal choice dear to their hearts. For them, wisdom is up to the individual and cannot be mandated legally or by state authorities.

Proverbs 14 above states that wisdom comes from within. It is found in the heart. Discernment, then, starts as an internal process and is then manifested in actions and decisions. My sense is that stillness, restful solitude and quiet reflection are the birthplace of wisdom. Remove the noise and see what happens.

No Doubts

To live with wisdom is to live with clarity and confidence. No doubt.

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  1. Michelle Marcus

    Yep. Agreed. Wisdom is from within. This is an area where you have to thread carefully. What may sound as great advice to some may not be considered grezt for others. At the end, consequences whether good or bad, as imdividuals, we will hav e to accept and make the needed adjustments accordingly.

  2. J.Tyrone Marcus

    Yes, the pursuit of wisdom is a slow and steady journey that is worth the investment of time.

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