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The content of my weekly blogs is drawn primarily from ancient Hebrew wisdom literature, while the 2020 format was inspired by James Clear’s “3-2-1” Thursdays. Building from my recent book UNBEATABLE! Seven Pillars of Personal Excellence, each week you will receive One Pillar/Proverb, One Principle and One Practical.

One Pillar

You are only able to live in a way that really helps and loves others when your soul feels its worth. Yet we often pay far more attention to our work or our bodies or our finances than to our souls.”-John Ortberg

One Principle

It’s almost unthinkable that Justin is not with us after his tragic death last year. June 1, 2020 would have been his 41st birthday and, boy, is he missed. I’m not sure who first coined the term, but at times like this we recite the words “may his soul rest in peace.”

Although we use that expression for those who have passed on from this life, I wonder whether we should be saying this more often to each other while we are still alive. How is your soul rest going? Are you at peace today? I don’t just mean in your relationships with others, but I’m referring to the deep, innermost parts of your being. Sometimes, it’s during periods of trial and adversity that we learn how to truly rest.

I desire to become more vigilant in this area, even as I pursue what I consider to be noble goals of servant leadership at home, excellence in my profession and ministry service as a teacher in my spiritual community. I’m noticing, however, that I’m still in a rush, especially in my heart and in my thoughts, and have not been sufficiently settled internally. Yet, I’m glad for the increasing self-awareness that will hopefully lead to increasing calmness of spirit, ease of mind and peace of heart.

One Practical

Decide during this early part of June to declutter your soul whether by journaling, quiet reflection, prayer or transparent confession to a friend.

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This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Brian Yarde

    Thank you T.

    1. J. Tyrone Marcus

      You’re welcome Brian.

  2. Brent Frederick

    The practical challenges me to make peace with people that i find very difficult to reason with but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was not real.

    Thanks much Tyrone

    1. J. Tyrone Marcus

      You’re right Brent. It’s hard to see growth without a challenge. Our characters mature best in difficulty.

    2. Cheryl Richards

      Everyday it’s a personal challenge to not just be at peace but to also keep that peace. We’re surrounded by so many situations that can really test to the core but recognizing that peace of the soul is most valuable then I’m at a better place to fight my battles.
      Thanks much for the insight.

      1. J. Tyrone Marcus

        Thank you Cheryl for your comments which are so helpful. Peace of the soul indeed has great value.

  3. Michelle Marcus

    This is great. Peace is so much more important when we are alive and not after passing on. A person’s choice to be at peace after passing does not exist but the wish should come when we are alive. Justin is surely missed after spending the afternoon hanging out with him the day before. The news was unbelievable at the time but I am grateful to have known him and to have been a part of his existence.

    Thank you.

  4. Natalie

    Thank Tyrone sure do fight for inner Peace
    Peace be Still o how I fight for stillness.

    1. J. Tyrone Marcus

      Indeed Natalie. The fight for peace and stillness is worth the effort. The benefits are long-lasting.

  5. J. Tyrone Marcus

    So true Michelle. We thank God for Justin’s memory and we also use this time to recommit to pursuing and promoting peace, internally and relationally.

  6. Maria Davis-Toussaint

    This is truly something that i have to work at, just resting my soul and making sure that all is well with it…… making time to STOP no matter how things may be or how hurry things around me gets I WILL STOP, pause and lean on the Lord.

  7. J. Tyrone Marcus

    Hey Maria, I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have to keep working on this area because life in 2020 is so demanding even during a lock down. Yet, we blossom through the struggle.

  8. Shawn Carter


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