Roger: The Rolls Royce of Tennis

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Roger: The Rolls Royce of Tennis

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“Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica for they received the message with great eagerness…”-Acts 17:11


I grew up fascinated by fancy cars. My brother and I would often play games where we claimed the nicest vehicles as our own. The prized locomotive was the Rolls Royce, a classy, sleek machine on four elegant wheels. We could not afford one, so I would often admire it from a distance.

The scenario is quite similar when I think about tennis ace, Roger Federer, who recently retired. He is like the Rolls Royce of his sport: sleek, classy and elegant on the court. I am not alone in appreciating the smoothness of his playing style and his growth over the years from a feisty youth to a statesman of the game.

Intangible qualities make a difference. Our obsession with exterior appearances makes it difficult, at times, to appreciate interior beauty. I am, therefore, heartened by the kudos Federer has received for traits like relatability and accessibility whether with the media or with fans.

When superstars like David Beckham, as we saw last week, take time to mingle with the people, it is simply attractive. It suggests that others are viewed as having enough value to be appreciated and embraced. No public figure is perfect, including star athletes. Yet, we can applaud them when elements of their inner person shine through, just like the New Testament Bereans cited above.

These Berean Jews were commended for their nobility of character. There was a diligence and an uprightness about the way they approached receiving spiritual direction. They were zealous and eager about God’s Word, displaying a wonderful appetite for learning. It was a noteworthy quality within this community.

Are you still pursuing inner refinement and growth so that your beauty shines from within? If you are, keep at it. Should such an endeavour be new to you, I encourage you to invest and patiently see the fruit that will be borne over time.


We all have the capacity to live inspiring, dignified lives. Grace will take us there.    

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  1. Michelle Marcus

    Indeed it was great watching his retirement from the sport. Highly celebrated, loved and valued.

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