Sensitive, Sensible or Sensational

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Sensitive - Sensible or Sensational

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Sensible Words Heal

“All the words of my mouth are righteous; there is nothing twisted or crooked in them”-Proverbs 8:8

Sensational Words Hurt

The media is often accused of being sensational and overdramatic. Sometimes these assertions are accurate and sometimes they are not. Yet, it seems like no one has pointed an accusing finger at the English media recently as they continue coverage of the racism scandal that has hit the Yorkshire Cricket Club.

Yorkshire has been at the centre of attention for their poor and, quite frankly, unacceptable, handling of complaints about racism channeled towards their former player Azeem Rafiq who was born in Pakistan. The club described as ‘banter’ what many have seen as disrespectful and offensive. Words run deep.  

Rightfully so, Yorkshire is now feeling the fallout of their lukewarm response to racism at their club, as seen with the withdrawal of sponsors and the threat of Government intervention. In the past few days, more former players have brought to light their own experience of racist taunts while in their teenage years at the club.  

Do you have any hidden prejudices? Maybe it is not a racial one, but could it potentially be based on class, marital status, education or place of residence? You see, once these issues are in our hearts, they will eventually come out in our words.

Lady Wisdom in Proverbs 8:8 above says that her words are righteous and morally straight. There is nothing crooked or twisted about them. The racism at Yorkshire goes much deeper than the insensitive comments made. To use the words of Dallas Willard, a renovation of the heart is needed. Fix the heart and we will not have to worry about our words.

Sensitive Words Unite

Let us develop the habit of thinking carefully, and even prayerfully, before we speak.   

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  1. Anthony D.J. Gafoor

    Excellent! Contemporary events have a way of causing us to go back to basic principles.

  2. Nicole+Roopchand

    Thanks Tyrone. I have been developing the habit of thinking deeply before I speak. I ask myself, is it true, should it be shared and what if the outcome of what I say is negative am I prepared to handle it. It has been working. And yes, we all have hidden prejudices.

  3. J. Tyrone Marcus

    That’s a great pathway that you are on Nicole. Thanks for sharing the victory stories.

  4. Michelle Marcus

    Thank you for this. I often dont view some of my thinking as prejudicial but that is what it is and this has given me a healthy perspective on paying attention to my thought process.

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