Special Edition Unbeatable!

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Special Edition Unbeatable!

Hi Everyone,

Today begins my one-week Anniversary Special for Unbeatable! Seven Pillars of Personal Excellence. I rarely post on Fridays, but as I indicated in my last blog, “My Gift to You,” this date is quite significant.

Please click on the “Buy Now” link below to access Unbeatable! for just US$0.99 for the next week. I was honoured to have Caribbean Airlines C.E.O, Mr. Garvin Medera, and well-known Christian apologist and author, Dr. Douglas Jacoby, as joint authors of the foreword. Thanks again, gentlemen.

From the back cover of Unbeatable:

Unbeatable! will help you construct your inner person into an incredible building held upright by seven pillars:

  • The Humility Pillar
  • The Integrity Pillar
  • The Nobility Pillar
  • The Purity Pillar
  • The Productivity Pillar
  • The Community Pillar
  • The Magnanimity Pillar

If you erect these pillars on the foundation of wisdom, you will place yourself on the exciting but demanding path to personal excellence”

Thank you all for your support of the message behind Unbeatable! over the past year and I look forward to sharing with you various principles of practical wisdom that I continue to learn from the book of Proverbs, modern research, thought leaders in personal and spiritual growth and that amazing, unpredictable teacher called life.

Happy reading and thanks in advance for sharing this week’s special offer with your family, friends, roommates, classmates, teammates, and work colleagues. 

P.S. This week’s special deal has a double dedication, first to my mother, Ruth Marcus, exactly 8 years after she departed this life, and second to a dear friend, Joseph Boodoosingh, who died suddenly in Trinidad earlier this week. I thank you both for all that you taught me and for your sincere, deep, and genuine love.

To learn more about these pillars of personal excellence, read UNBEATABLE! which is now available on Amazon in print and as an e-book.

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  1. Kirk Spencer

    Thank you Tyrone, for this incredible offer and thank you for the wonderful insights that your book presents. Best regards for all your future exploits.

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