Success Skills

MARCUS 2229 has been set up to allow you to glean from a vast array of wisdom principles and then to apply them at various levels under the twin concepts of personal excellence and leadership. To truly excel in implementing these concepts, we must all develop the skills that will propel high level performance. My blogs are geared towards helping you to develop and practice those skills. Every week I will be posting a blog/an article on either personal excellence or leadership. It will be a short post but will contain enough food for thought to carry you through until the next entry is made available.

Four areas will be addressed under the two main headings.

Personal Excellence

Personal Excellence

Daily Disciplines

The disciplines that I will address here have a spiritual bias because of my conviction that the condition of the inner person affects everything that we say and do. Themes like meditation, solitude, service, prayer and fasting will be highlighted here.

Time Management

Time Management

Here, I will emphasize well-known time management principles but will add a Caribbean flavor to the discussion, given the nuances of this region where I live. Even if you’re not from the Caribbean, you stand to gain from the principles that will be articulated.

First Things First - Marcus 2229

First Things First

This is all about establishing proper life boundaries and avoiding the traps of over-commitment and people-pleasing. The principles here build on the excellent work of Greg Mc Keown in his book Essentialism.

Healthy Habits - Marcus 2229

Healthy Habits

Here, I will also build on the prior brilliant work of thought-leaders like James Clear and Charles Duhigg, whose contributions to understanding human behaviour are nothing short of outstanding. My experiences in law, sport, dispute resolution and spiritual formation should bring fresh perspectives to this fascinating theme of habits.


Effective Leadership Styles

Effective Leadership Styles

The articles written under this sub-theme will assess the styles that leaders adopt in a variety of settings. Here I will look at what is worthy of imitation and what is worthy of rejection



Under this heading, I will use examples from various sectors to address the salutary impact of teamwork. Leaders who emphasize the greater good over individual brilliance end up building fantastic teams.

Organizational Culture - Marcus 2229

A Disciplined Culture

Organizational culture plays a significant function in developing successful companies, teams and communities. The building block of discipline is virtually indispensable in creating the right environment for growth and success.


Pursuing Feedback

Psychologist Henry Cloud wisely stated that reality is always your friend. There’s nothing like feedback when it comes to knowing what your reality is. Leaders must not only offer feedback but they must encourage and welcome it as well, especially when it may not be what they want to hear.