The Laurences’ Laudable Longevity

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Laurences' Longevity

Welcome to “Athlos” a weekly blog which examines pillars of personal excellence and regularly brings together the worlds of Christian spirituality and sport.

The Way of Faithfulness

“I have chosen the way of faithfulness”-Psalm 119: 30a

The Way of Longevity

The end of a year can be quite exciting. Many people are celebrating their accomplishments and various victories. Others are reflecting on things they want to improve in 2023. Some Argentina fans may very well still be on a high after seeing Lionel Messi finally win the World Cup. At the same time, the global community is still coming to terms with the passing of Brazilian legend Pele, one of the best footballers to ever play the sport.

As I, too, contemplate the hills and valleys of 2022, I could not help but think about a wonderful family from Trinidad and Tobago, the Laurences. I have written before about leading sports journalist, Kwame Laurence, and the inspiring exploits of his son, Devante, the national youth cyclist. Today, I salute Mr. Gordon Laurence and his wife, Janet. On December 29, 2022 they celebrated 60 years of marriage! Yes, just like Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, 1962 was a special year for them.

To be married for 60 years is no small feat. That type of longevity requires commitment, devotion, patience and grace. We all have weaknesses and it is often in marriage that our character flaws get exposed. It means that we must learn to bear with each other’s shortcomings and also decide to overlook offences. At the heart of such an inspiring journey is an unflinching resolve to be loyal.

The psalmist quoted above chose the path of faithfulness. It is a prudent route to take. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence for your amazing example. For those who know you and even for those who don’t, we are inspired by the fact that at a time when relationships in general have taken a hit, your union shines brightly. Luther Vandross and Gregory Hinds put it well many years ago when they sang: “There’s nothing better than love.”

The Way of Love

May 2023 fill you all with abundant love everywhere you turn.

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  1. Kwame Laurence

    Thank you Tyrone.
    Thanks for honouring my parents.
    I have no words.
    I’m in tears

  2. Brent Stubbs

    As a long-time friend of Kwame and fellow sports journalist from the Bahamas, I have been very impressed with the Laurence’s achievements. I salute Kwame and his son, Devante and his parents on their remarkable years of marital bliss. May God continue to bless them in all of their endeavors.

  3. Leah Fraser

    Congratulations to the Laurences. Truly, the faithfulness transcends through the generations. May these words continue to be your mantra into future generations, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 (KJV) Stand firm Devante, for we know that, “All things work together for good to them that love God.” Romans 8:28 (KJV)

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