Why complain? It’s Christmas!

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Complaints and Christmas

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No Arguing

“Do everything without complaining or arguing”-Philippians 2:14

No Complaining

As many in the global community attempt to keep the Christmas cheer alive during pandemic uncertainty, it seems like an opportune time to do a triple A. What do I mean? I’m talking about our Annual Attitude Assessment.

You see, this time of the year usually brings with it feelings of hope, generosity and friendliness. The energy is generally positive. The challenge, though, is to keep that optimism beyond the season.

The key to that is cultivating an attitude that says ‘No’ to complaining. If we’re honest, there is a lot that we can complain about: COVID-19, illness, traffic, insecurity about the future, strained relationships, global warming-the list could go on.

Against this backdrop, the apostle Paul’s admonition above to a community of believers in Philippi outlives its original setting. We must strive to live every day and face every obstacle, hurdle or difficulty without complaining. NBA star, Chris Paul, of the Phoenix Suns, put it well in an interview recorded by ESPN. He simply said this: “The team that doesn’t complain is gonna be successful.” Powerful.

So, both Pauls were speaking the same language. The apostle Paul said: “Don’t complain” to a spiritual audience. Chris Paul said: “Don’t complain” to a sporting audience. This message transcends history, geography and culture. We must maintain such a grateful attitude, that absolutely nothing makes us grumble or argue.

At the heart of this season is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. His joy and service to humanity are a strong anchor that should always inspire inner gratitude. May love, peace and divine blessing fill your heart and your home this week.

No Problem

Nothing is a problem when we refuse to complain.

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  1. Michelle Marcus

    Yes, End of year and New Year resolution. The opportunity to reset and be renewed in my view and mindset about all things and people.

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