Wise Heart, Healthy Soul

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Wise Heart, Healthy Soul - Marcus 2229

Welcome to Three-Peat Tuesday!

Building from my recent book UNBEATABLE! Seven Pillars of Personal Excellence, each blog will contain three P’s: Pillar, Principle and Practical, all geared towards nourishing you on your personal and spiritual growth journey.

Pillar: Love of Heart

“Whoever gains a wise heart, loves his own soul”-Proverbs 19:8a (The Voice Translation)

Principle: Love of Soul

National elections continue to dominate global headlines. Within the past week or so, it was Uganda’s turn to be in the spotlight. Notably, political commentators often state that “the soul of a nation” is at stake during contested polls.

People understand the language of the soul, whether or not they’re religious. We generally agree that there is something deeper and more intimate about our existence as individuals and communities than our daily responsibilities.

When we think about committed persons at work, at school, in sport or in public life, we say that they have given “heart and soul” to their particular causes. We see it as praiseworthy. We admire their excellence and know that it came from deep within.

In periods of heartache, who do we look for? A soulmate. One fuels the other. Heart and soul are similar to those inseparable NBA teammates in their prime, like Jordan and Pippen, Shaq and Kobe, or Curry and Thompson.

Have you been pursuing the wisdom of heart lately? It’s that journey of your inner self separate and apart from your career, job title or public reputation. It takes vigilance and diligence. It is doing heart surgery from an unhurried place.

I’ve had to redouble my efforts here recently having confronted manipulation, criticalness and judgmentalism in my spirit. I am happy for the light that was shed on these internal diseases because they are relationally and spiritually destructive.

To be wise in heart is to love yourself. The effort receives divine blessing.

Practical: Love of Self

Self-love and self-care have their place in life. Pursue them with a clear conscience.  

If you were inspired by this blog, please consider sharing it with one other person today. To learn more about these and other related themes that promote the cultivation of an integrated inner self, read UNBEATABLE! which is now available on Amazon in print and as an e-book.

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  1. Nanieno La Fleur

    Very true Tyrone, going deeper and taking on the issues of the heart is a continuous pursuit. Taking time to learn and become more aware of one’s inner self is very important, along with the willingness to confront what we see once we get there. Thanks for this ….

  2. J. Tyrone Marcus

    Thanks for sharing Nanieno. Sometimes what I find deep within me is not pleasant, but as with any form of transformation, the pathway to success is acknowledging that there’s a problem to be fixed. Keep well.

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